I am so thankful that I was blessed with the opportunity to work with NMG Studios for my wedding day. Being able to reach out to them at anytime with questions and receive quick a response every time made me feel like a priority. This company is so organized and professional which is very important when dealing with a bride who at times can be a ball of stress, ready to crack at any given moment. On our wedding day, they helped keep everyone on our slim time frame, improvised when needed, all while keeping me calm. Awesome spirits. Good vibes. Talented people with great hearts. I’d recommend them everytime!!!


Diamon Collins

My wife and I are truly appreciative and very grateful for the work the NMG team displayed on our wedding day.

Dywane Evans

What can I say? The work is brilliant and spot on. NMG has an eye for the unexpected and the ability to tell a story without saying a word.

Lori Glazer

I can’t express how blessed we were for NMG Studios to come shoot our wedding in Peoria! I can’t wait to see our wedding video!

Tenisha Brooks


Amazing is an understatement.

Hasan and I cannot find the right words to express our appreciation and gratitude for the work you all did for our wedding!

Hasan and I were very happy how you all interacted with our family and friends. How the team shared the same excitement and happiness as our family and friends. How you all captured each and every moment among the beautiful chaos and how each and every one of you smiled throughout the night.

The NMG Studios team were not just another vendor. They were a part of our family and will continue to be. You all were VERY professional, attentive to detail and active throughout the evening.

Thank you for being a part of our special day. Thank you for embracing our culture. Thank you!

Thank you. For everything.


Roya Zaidi